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SWET+ renews every month automatically. This plan/rate is valid for 12 months. 



If you wish to cancel before the end of the 12th month, there is a $75 Fee.  To cancel, email us at, 14 days before the billing date. After paying the cancellation fee, your key and account will be suspended at the end of the period. 



There is a 5 day grace period to resubmit a failed monthly payment without losing access to Swet+. After the 5th day, there will be a $12 reinstatement fee. Your key will be suspended until the monthly and reinstatement fees are both paid.



All sales are final. No refunds will be issued for any services, plans, or fees. 



Book a session -  (up to 48 hours in advance)

Cancel a session - (up to 1 hour before the session is scheduled to start) 

Reschedule a session - (up to 45 minutes before the session is scheduled to start) 


If you are not able to attend a booked session, please cancel or reschedule that session. Rescheduling is based upon availability. 



Canceling a booked session is FREE. Please cancel your session within the allotted time  if you do not plan to attend. 


*Please note, If you do not attend a booked session, there is a ($5 NO SHOW FEE). You will receive a notice via email. Your key will be suspended, until your no show fee is paid via the provided link.  

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