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Suite Rules

Please see below for a list of the Suite Rules. Failure to adhere to the following can result in your account being terminated. If your account is terminated, all booked sessions will be lost. No refunds will be issued. The following will NOT be tolerated:

Overstaying a session. 

(EXIT the suite on time)

Exceeding allowed number of guests

(Only 2 People are allowed to be in the suite)


Security breaching (includes, but is not limited to tampering with CCTV/door locking mechanism, preventing the door from closing and etc.)

Damage of Property

Stealing of Property

Harassment of other users (includes, but is not limited to verbal, physical, and sexual harassment)

Leaving the suite unclean

CHECK YOUR POSSESIONS,  Swet Suites is not liable for lost or forgotten items in the suite. Items include but are not limited to phones, wallets, headphones, etc.

SWET SUITES IS NOT LIABLE, and therefore will not refund or make reparations, for incidents occurring which cause a user to miss a session. Incidents include but are not limited to:

Bookings of the wrong time

Forgetting to attend a session

Choosing not to attend a session

Canceling the wrong session

Rescheduling for the wrong time

Rescheduling time conflict

Last minute conflicts 


Inclement weather

Arriving to the suite late

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